About the Norfolk Studio Tour

The Norfolk Studio Tour is a unique opportunity for tourists to meet artists, discuss the ideas and inspiration behind their work, and learn more about their process and technique. Self-guided tours are free, and visitors are welcome to stay at each studio for as long as they like. 

The 2018 tour includes 22 studios featuring 37 artists throughout Norfolk. A range of disciplines and media is represented, including painters, sculptors, potters, handmade jewelry, textiles, woodwork, and mixed media, with many subcategories deriving from each. Studios are open from 10am until 5pm each day of the tour.

Artists must apply to be on the tour, and pay a fee if accepted. The revenue is used to produce a brochure and map, and pay for a modest advertising campaign. A volunteer selection committee juries all tour applicants, ensuring that each artist and destination provides high-quality, original work.   

Studio Tour Coordinator Joanne Munzar said that tours are about more than just sales. “Studio tours help artists evolve,” she explained. “Showing work publicly and receiving feedback is encouraging, and it may also help artists view their own work differently. None of the artists who are on the tour are the same as they were when I met them. They’ve all developed with time, and being on the tour certainly contributes to that.” 

Munzar said she started the tour in 2001 because she wanted the same opportunity for Norfolk artists that she’d seen in other communities. “I was considering moving to Ganonoque, and one of the reasons was because it had a studio tour,” she recalled. “When I decided to stay here after all, I also decided that Norfolk should have its own tour. We were the first tour in the region, and now most of our neighbouring communities have one too.” 

The 2018 Norfolk Studio Tour is September 22 and 23. Printed brochures are available in businesses throughout Norfolk County. While on the tour, visitors should look for bright yellow signs that will direct them to their destinations.